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Bringing In Your Small Animal

Here at Mayerthorpe Vet Services we pride ourselves on providing exceptional, compassionate veterinary care with a small town, family feel. 

To help everyone (two legged and four) feel comfortable, please have your pets on a leash or in a carrier. If your pet is aggressive, difficult to handle, fearful, or has a potentially contagious disease please inform our staff before bringing them in so we can assist you. 

We recommend that once a year you bring your pet in for a check-up.  This will include a full physical exam, from head to tail!  The Veterinarian will consult with you regarding their physical examination findings and make recommendations based on these findings. This is a great time to discuss dental care, deworming, vaccinations, nutrition or other relevant topics. This is also a chance to address any questions you may have.  

If you are new to our clinic, please bring in any medical history you have of your pet or have your previous vet clinic(s) send over your pet's medical records. It can be particularly helpful to keep a journal of your pet's health throughout his or her life, including behavioral shifts; or a list of current health concerns and medications/supplements your pet is on. If you don't have many records or choose not to have your files sent from another clinic, please provide us with as much relevant information as possible. This helps us get a better understanding of your pet's health and provide more complete, comprehensive care. 

Animals being seen for infectious diseases such as parvo are admitted through the back of the clinic and seen in an area separate from our other patients. We uphold strict biosecurity protocols to prevent the spread of disease. Animals testing positive for diseases such as parvovirus are admitted to our isolation ward where they are hospitalized away from our other patients and can be provided with the delicate care they require. 

In some circumstances if we feel that your pet can benefit from services we are unable to provide or are needing attended 24 hour care, we will refer you to a specialist who has advanced knowledge in areas outside our expertise. Referral clinics we use include VCA-Guardian Vet Centre in south Edmonton, Crestwood Veterinary Clinic in central Edmonton, Pulse Veterinary Specialists and Emergency in Sherwood Park, and North West Veterinary Dermatology Services in St. Albert. 

Small Animals

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