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Farm Services

On farm services are offered for castrations, routine dentistry, wellness examinations and vaccinations, and emergency care when trailering is not a safe or feasible option. 

Wellness Care, Vaccinations, and Deworming: We offer wellness exams, vaccinations (3-way, 5-way, West Nile, Strangles, and Rabies), as well as deworming. 

kids and horses

Castrations: We require all horses be halter broke prior to booking the appointment. We need to be able to safely listen to your horse's heart and give multiple intravenous injections. Should your horse be deemed unsafe to handle we will not perform the procedure. Please ensure you have a clean, dry, safe area for this procedure. We do all of our castrations with the horse under anesthetic, laying on either his side or his back. It's important the area have good, non-slip footing to reduce the risk of injury to your horse since he will be unsteady on his feet. Some horses tend to want to wander more when first getting up so please make sure there is nothing nearby that he can tangle himself in. If your horse has not received a tetanus vaccine within the last 6 months, we will give one at the time of surgery. We will also give an antibiotic injection. 

Equine Castration Post-Op Instructions

Dentals: We strongly encourage all horses needing dental floats be hauled into the clinic for the procedure, especially during winter months. If performing on farm, we require access to power (extension cord), an area the horse can be contained out of the elements such as a box stall or stocks, and an area where your horse can safely recover from the sedation (box stall or safe area such as round pen, NO access to feed of any kind). 

Coggins Testing and Exports: Please allow a minimum of 7-10 working days for coggins and export documents, ideally 10-14 days to be safe. Once the blood is collected and our veterinarians have filled out the necessary paperwork, the samples are sent to the lab in Saskatoon (2-3 days), the lab performs the testing and mails the forms back to us (another 2-3 days), at this point we can complete the export documents and send them to the CFIA office in Edmonton for endorsement before they are sent back to us for you to pick up (2-4+ days). So as you can see it's quite a process! Keep in mind that we are currently booking 2-3 weeks in advance, so plan a good month ahead if possible. It always helps speed up the process if you have your documentation in order. We also need to examine the horse and record the markings so please make sure blankets are removed and mud is cleaned off of the legs. 

We will need the following information for coggins testing:

  • Owner's name and address
  • Animal's location - legal land description
  • Birth date or age (estimates are okay)
  • Registration number (if applicable)
  • Tattoo, brand, and microchip information (if applicable)
  • Any other identification numbers or information (if applicable)

For exportation we will need the following:

  • Name of both consignee and consignor (may be the same in many cases)
  • Address of the US destination
  • Address of Canadian premises of origin (mailing and physical address)
  • Microchip information and horse passport number (if applicable)

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